A Material World


A few days before I arrived in Rio, Zoë Melo, who since we met in New York in 2009 became a good friend and one of my project’s “godmothers”, suggested I should meet the guys from Fibra Design Sustentável. I did, if only had a chance to talk with one of them, Bruno Temer. I immediately knew they were something else; we had lunch on one of the very last days of my 1-month research trip – by then I had met and interviewed a ton of people and was starting to get an idea of what I was interested in finding out more about Brazilian product and furniture design, but nothing prepared me for the frankness, fairness and ambition both Bruno and his other partners have shared with me over transatlantic email and skype conversations.

When the organisers of Design Indaba asked me for a Brazilian designer suggestion for the 2011 edition of the event, they were on the top of my mind. And I was very happy they both left a great impression and had a blast. Writing “A Material World”, their profile for Design Indaba, now out in print and online, was also just as fun.

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