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Other People’s Business


Besides having some of the coolest wheels in Curitiba, Luiz Pizzani has been researching and teaching entrepreneurship in design for the past years. His project, called Empreenderargh!,is a series of workshops with students and professionals Pizzani organises all over the country. On his travels he also goes on studio visits and interviews designers about their work, business and expectations (available on his website). I talked to Pizzani just before I left Curitiba (he took me to the bus station), and it was rather enlightening to hear what he has to say on professionalism in Brazilian design…


Collective Thinking


Thirty minutes after I arrived at my hotel in Curitiba this Saturday night I was out again to meet Alex, Mauro, Diego and Fabiano (who left before I took the photo). Mauro Rego and Alexander Czajkowski are two fourths of Boana Estudio, a young design collective based in the three Brazilian cities. I heard from them after Fernando Galdino left a comment on one of my first posts here in Alvorada, and immediately got in touch with them. Continue reading Collective Thinking

It’s Possible


I just arrived in Curitiba, a city that has been inspiring me for a long time. I’ll be here for only 3 days, but just being here is worth it. If you want to know why Curitiba and its former mayor Jaime Lerner (above) are such an inspiration, check out Paul Romauch and Jörg Pibal’s great documentary “Curitiba – It’s Possible”, which is now being screened across Europe. I invited Paul and Jörg to pre-release it last year, during Inspired Lisbon by Bombay Sapphire.